2013, By the roaring waves!, Paintings and Scribblings

Because December ♥

(Artwork: Sonny Sultani (SS)  Poetry: RandomlyAbstract)

Let us make a poem
Let us weave some dreams
Let us start it all anew
Let us be ‘me’, Supreme!
Let us live together
Let us breathe in here
Let us be like ‘I’ wish
Let us paint some streams
Let us mount hills and vales
Let us cross some seas
Let us laugh and rejoice
Let us cry and scream!
Let us be like ‘I’ like
Let us be extreme.

By the roaring waves!

Welcome back December! :)

Dear December,

I so cherish nights and days spent in your presence and I am so glad you returned! Its always nice having you, but also tough for the memories (and whatever they call them) thou bringst with thyself, if you pardon me!

With you comes a series of thirty-one good days; when the heat from sunlight is just not very enough to warm us, and thirty-one good nights; when the cold, drizzling breezes stir the souls!

Coffee cups and dark chocolates, ah how I love them! And poetic spots, and romantic stops! And of-course, my birthday that comes before you leave!♥

Thankyou December, you are my favorite!

With Love,


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By the roaring waves!

Farewell 2011: Happy 2012!!!!!


2011 was a beautiful year for me. Never had I been so related to something like a ‘year’ or a ‘month’ as I feel now. I experienced love, hatred, tears, cheer, fights, fame, gain, loss , lessons, hopes, and unforgettable moments!! I discovered myself. (atleast I tried to) and deaths. And I discovered a number of great blogs!!!!

2011 was a great blogging year for me! I got a total of 26 followers, among which 25 are from this year only..!
I pay them huge thanks and I hereby tell them how fond I am of their blogs too;)

Thanks and Tribute:

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  2. http://euphoriaethereal.wordpress.com/
  3. http://anitalivesherlife.wordpress.com/
  4. http://letsblogmore.wordpress.com/
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  9. http://misswhiplash.wordpress.com/
  10. http://gauravtiwari.org/
  11. http://juanitasphotobox.wordpress.com/
  12. http://treasureeverymoment14.wordpress.com/
  13. http://www.myspace.com/jerrybolton
  14. http://confessionsofaturtle.wordpress.com/
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  24. http://awebooks.wordpress.com/
  25. Aleena Khan. (e-mail follower)

You guys got any idea how hard it was linking each and everyone?!!:D
P.S. they are in the order that they followed. With the 24th one being at a difference of only 9 hours from now!

I got 98 views on my “busiest day 29 October 2011”!!:D

I wrote a total of 84 posts. Got 290 comments, and 6174 all time views!!♥

So there, I had happy times:)

And my last day of 2011 went so awesome because I partied hard with my friends!!!! We had so much fun and it was so great meeting eachother after so long!!!!!

Alright, now i need to quit and watch those 2012 celebrations on television….

Thankyou all.

Love you all!




Happy New Year!


By the roaring waves!


December is also for development, desires, and planning for a near year, contemplating on the year coming to an end. Life goes on :) happy at times, sad at others. 

(Amira’s words: http://mindblur.wordpress.com/ )


The less you talk, you will remember what you said later on, and the more you talk, you will remember what you meant when you talked.


Good people are like street lights, who show light on your life’s path and make your long way comfortable.

The most romantic month is just here…
So, All winter lovers,
say TATA to November,

and HELLO to Chilled December…
Say HI to Cappuccino,
shake hands to your sweaters,
hold tight to your blankets,
Once more, fall in love with peanuts:D

Do you love Peanuts too?
By the roaring waves!

December and Death.

Today, when I saw a coffin (of somebody I don’t know, but who used to live in the building next to mine), I realized that I had been taking December for myself only. I realized that I was living in my shell. Looking with my views only. Thinking of my life. Living for my life.

December is not only for me.

It’s not about small mishaps or about cold, chilly nights.

Not even about poetry and stuff.

It’s also about great losses.

Huge Losses.

Like that death of that man.

And the sorrow of the entire family.

And of all those people who mourned the death of the man.

December is Distressful.


Plus, nowadays its the sacred month of  Muharram . So, I see many people wearing black. I read about Hazrat Hussain (R.A) and Hazrat Hassan (R.A) in a magazine, and it really brought me to tears. Read this if you understand it:



P.s. I am NOT a shia. But love for Hazrat Hussain and Hassan (R.a.a) is obligatory for all Muslims because Prophet Muhammad(SAWW) said:Hassan and Hussain both are two flowers in my world” (meaning of a Hadees)…

P.S.S. I don’t know what you think of this. But I wanted to post about it.


By the roaring waves!

December♥2 *

My first day of December went pretty fine. Actually exciting!

The day started when I got all ready for college and got to know that due to an unexpected “transport strike” , my van won’t pick me. So I went with my father and had half a busy day! Later, we had spare time to hang around with our friends when we had so much fun! The cold breeze was just so soothing;)

Then at night, my mother had prepared “nihari” for dinner as well as fruit custard, which I absolutely love so much!   And then you see, when you like something, everybody does something good for you. So WordPress gave this “NEW POST” new style which is amazing, and now on 2nd is the bday of two special friends:)…..Plus I had a fairly fun time today with my sister, reminding each other of old songs and poems=p

So maybe, there was nothing very ‘special’ about this day, except that I liked it because I wanted to like it!

By the roaring waves!


I love December. Not because I was born in this month, but I have some emotional attraction towards this month. Many people do. And everybody knows why!

Now look at this. I made this right now. It will show what I mean!

My Month!

Happy December! May you all have a merry December!

We welcome you, oh! The last month of 2011.♥