By the roaring waves!, Confusion~ a new dimension!

The Circular Zero and the Straight One!

What is zero?

Its the end of the creation.

Why is zero?

To explain the end of anything that begins.

  •  Prove me?

The term zero, has no side-points. Its a circle, usually. And once it starts, it only stops at terminal point.

  • Terminal point?

The end, I mean.

A circle has no end, right?

No, it moves on.

  • Then?

Make a zero. Or make a circle. Or oval, if you prefer. The point goes non-stop and keeps on travelling until it reaches it’s destination. It starts once, like a baby born; small like a dot if life is a mini-circle. It travels, travels and travels. Ups and down, highest to lowest, light to dark, awfulness to awesomeness. Its journey is simple.

Relate this to everything that happens. Every day that comes. Start to end, another day, yet another, and it goes on. until ONE final termination. And then hereafter!

THAT ONE HEREAFTER IS THE CIRCLE. YOUR LIFE IS A STRAIGHT ONE. A LINE. START FROM HEAD, END TO TOE. FINISH. It does finish. But there has to be something in continual? That’s the circle!

Circle is mystery. Zero is existence to nothingness. Nothingness to existence.

Confusion is a new dimension!

Confusion is a new dimension!

By the roaring waves!


How I interpret "Confusion"

You see a successful person, an unhappy person. A third person.

You have a good dream, a nightmare or just a normal one.

You like it, or you don’t like it. You like it nor you dislike it, you fear it.

You fear it for a past reason, you fear it without a reason. Why?

You feel like laying on the bed. You feel like crying. Your throat starts hurting like thorns are planted. Your eyes get red, they carry tears. Your mind is so crowded with thoughts that there is not a single thought you could think of:  ‘alone’. Suddenly, a black coverlet falls upon your mind’s broken windows. Everything is blank and black. You can’t differ anything. Anyone. Your heart either beats so fast that you fear it will pounce out. Or it beats so extremely slow as if it is just going to stop.

You write a poetry. You draw a scenery. You write nothing, you draw nothing. You just drop blots of ink on the paper and feel as if it was one of the finest artwork of yours.

The third dimension is “CONFUSION”.