By the roaring waves!

Cats and Dogs!

Sir and Madam,

I don’t mean to address you by that name (Cats and Dogs), that actually is the topic for my new blog!

And how’d I get the idea for this blog? I will let you know.

I recently got anewsletter, about a week earlier, from .it mentioned about some funny questions that they recently got. Among which the most interesting one was:

Why don’t cats and dogs like each other?

So, it gave me a new topic to write on!!!

I searched it on Google, and found out to my great amazement, that cats and dogs do like each other!!(at least some rare ones do!!)


❤ ❤ ❤

So you saw that? Lovely, isn’t it? And pardon me, but this is true…

We humans have alot of hate for our enemies. Ever thought of forgiving, and becoming a friend again-of your worst enemy?

Do it now.

Life Rule # 1: Forgive and Forget.