2013, By the roaring waves!, Paintings and Scribblings, Poems and poetry

Express what?

says the daily prompt
That’s totally impossible!
Cried the girl and stomped

Tell us about it
They repeat again
What am i to say?
her protests go in vain

tell us about a time
you had no words to say
Well that happens a lot!
with my senses do they play

Tell us, tell us, do they call
Tell us about it, tell us all

Fine then I shall, so said her
and unveil here some moments blur
But listen to me with heart brave
Cautions she with a sound grave

I’ll tell you about that time last..
her eyes surveying parts of past
I’ll open to you each hint, imprint..
Her mind throbbing
, as she squint

I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you
suddenly she screams
Rubbing her clenched fist
In emotions extreme

I’ll explain to you such happenings
of haunting nights and mornings

I’ll tell you, I’ll tell each and all
shouts she, before she stumbles and falls
Her pattering heart skips fast a beat
thud and thump as she dropped on feet

Whimpering, limping, she strives to stand
a hand advanced, she couldn’t withstand
You never came forward, you never helped out
she looked blankly, eyes filled with doubt

Weren’t you the same to ask her speak?
where are you now
as she dies, weak?
Didn’t you ask her to express, to try?
but you’re nowhere close to stop her cry

You’ve gone because you had come to go
It will take time yes, I’ll get this though
just make sure you never ask another to ‘express’
for it’s harder than you know, to speak or confess.

expressIn response to the Daily Prompt: Express Yourself

“Tell us about a time you couldn’t quite get your words or images to express what you wanted to express. What do you think the barrier was? For bonus points, try again.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EXPRESSION.”