2013, By the roaring waves!, My Writings, Poems and poetry

Unsaid, undone. Untitled shall it be.

“Haters are confused admirers who don’t understand why so many people love you…”

– Paulo Coelho

There is just a THIN distance to border love and hate!

I think I agree. There is just a thin brink between them! Change in perspectives is a matter of minutes, or maybe seconds. You hate someone from the cores and a sudden miracle can change what you feel. You might begin to admire them as soon as you understand their point of view, or maybe their situations.

Everybody has their person hidden. They can not allow you to know them completely. And this may cause them in failing to be up to your expectations. Expectations are sensitive buds.Why create a mirror of hopes and anticipation when your previous mirror had a scratch?

Problem is with the people who trust very easily, like I do.

Thoughts are faster than light or sound. Change is a matter of minutes. Or a matter of incidents. Trust people, they deserve it. But don’t trust too much, nor too easily, for you don’t deserve a shattered mirror of hopes and dreams.

Never fail to express to the people you care, that you do. Nothing is more painful than things left unsaid.

© Maria Imran

© Maria ~ Randomly Abstract.