2017, Poems and poetry, raw and rough

all that

a g i t a t i o n

This time of the year you want to give up. You are so done. You could pack a bag and scurry off to the hills or something… even though this wasn’t what you wanted. But if you could find peace in any form you’ll want to go after it.

You are happy. You are laughing. You are making others laugh. There are fun sounds and dramatic gestures and such a sacred feeling of gratefulness it scares you.

You can see the mess. You know what it is even when you’re tapping your fingers on the keyboard pretending you can’t find the word you know you know the word, you know it’s called s t r u g g l e and sometimes it’s a name and sometimes, it’s a silly count of all your poems you never had the guts to share. When you end a day and begin another, you pat yourself on the shoulder because you can cut one on the self-help calendar in your mind, now it’s just 37 more days. After that, you will probably come up with another idea.

I wish I could tell you your burden is not your own but everyone’s collective burden is hell so yours is yours alone. Though there’s still some hope because – oh, I don’t know. But there is a heaven as well so there should be.

2016, Poems and poetry

An Apology

Here is an apology
For each tear, every cut on your heart
And everything you feel you deserve one for
But never got.

Here is that apology which couldn’t reach you before
For your lost years, or lost months, or lost weeks
Or just lost days-in-between.
For the sound your bones make when you pull up from a non-sleep
To join another meaningless chase.
For the voice that no more chokes
On hearing, or saying, the word sorry
For your uncontrollable sobs of yesteryear
The memories of which you’ve swept under your chest
To be crushed by the burden of this same meaningless chase we know nothing about.

I cannot mend what is lost
I cannot even change what got wasted but I can hope
And I do. I hope for peace to find you and provide you with just as more strength as you need
Just more strength, as always,
Until you become your hero.
Again. Only this time more truly.

With love.

2015, By the roaring waves!

Shutting old doors

Illusions. Mirages. Fantasies. There comes a time when you need to let go of the unreal things and start life anew. A friend, who wants to keep anonymity, wrote this piece a few days back and shared it with me. I like it because of the different perspective it gives and because sometimes, only written words can help you understand what nothing else can. This gave me hope.

There comes a time when you give up
Your old dreams, your unachieved goals
And surrender yourself to the reality.
No, not because you’re afraid or scared
But at some point in the chase
You get tired of running
Behind the unattainable.
You get tired of seeking shade
Under a mirage.
But remember, that moment of
Surrendering is not the end.
It’s far from being one.
It’s an opportunity,
A door to a new possible world.
Shut the broken unbolted door
With humility and grace.
And break open the new door
Take in the whiff of fresh air.
End the previous chapter
With the notes of complacency.
Start a new chapter,
With the ink of belief and faith.
Trust yourself.
There is a whole new universe
Of dreams spread out,
Waiting to be fancied.
And bazillion stars waiting
Impatiently to get into your
Bottle of fantasies.
And the instant you realize Continue reading

2014, Poems and poetry


When poetry becomes a disease,
and people all too untrustworthy

When a million ideas begin to inspire,
but they all sound just so clichéd

When you are finally barefoot
but the land disappears from below

Or when you’re ready to take flight
but above you spans a sky no more.

Commas, slashes, colons, fullstops:
knives, daggers, tight knots, stones.

When promises lose their sanctity–
of forever, hope, “Forever, I hope.”

There is no use finding meaning, see
Life keeps pouring death into bones.

2014, Book Reviews

Forget the title.

Talk about WONDER!

Written by R.J. Palacio, Wonder is about a guy August Pullman (Auggie) who suffers from some serious facial deformation; something so rare only one in four million people get. So he has it, and his eyes aren’t exactly at the right place and his ears are well, kinda squished up and his face looks like – it looks like it melted in fire or something.

He’s starting his 5th grade at Beecher Prep and it’s like his first experience to a school because he was always protected and pampered, and tutored, at home by his mommy and dad and Via. He’s used to people, by the way, he knows they freak out at the mere sight of him. School is just a bigger, tougher, really real ground.

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2013, By the roaring waves!, Confusion~ a new dimension!, Poems and poetry

Bizarre. Beep. Sleep.


Caged bird
I will cut your feathers
And let you free, forever.

Old prisoner
I will slay your throat
And let you escape from here.

Little kid
Hand me your kite
And play with rifles instead.

Solitary girl
Sing me songs of mourn
For I will kill your mother now.

White teddy
Close your eyes tight
As I rip off your cotton bod.

Brave sailor
Laugh and rejoice
Until I draw a hole in your boat.

Wounded warrior
Count your last breaths
As I finally shoot this arrow.

Sweet baby
Smile once more, and last
As I snatch you away and throw.

– RandomlyAbstract.

I was.

By the roaring waves!
Author: Bagande

Author: Bagande

Satisfaction is the highest level of happiness, and it is easily attained, when you have NO expectations….!

No expectations?? That is stop believing in attaining something in your way from anyone who is a part of your tomorrow? Is that what you mean? Well, I don’t think anybody can stop believing or stop expecting.

Come on! Life goes on with expectations. Expectations is the other name for hope. And if someone stops hoping for good, no good will ever occur in their life. Because

hope is the light of life.

hope is the beginning of day.

 hope is the source of enlightenment.

And you are telling me to forget expecting?


You are so right.

Everybody has expectations. When expectations are crushed, people get hurt. but after recovering, they trust somebody else. Once they trust someone, or love someone, they expect to be loved back. And if this does not happen, they break again.

Only countably few people on earth have no expectations from the world around them. They don’t simply care what people do to them. They don’t care if they face harsh words in return of their love. They feel it acceptable to be forgotten. And those few people achieve SATISFACTION!

Expectations or no Expectations??