Birthday, Pakistan. <3

Desi thingz. Doodle drawn by Emjay.

Just Desi Thingz. Doodle by Mahoor.

Best thing for today: Mime through time (Pakistani version) video. *-* Pls to check. Happy Independence Day!

(I and Miss Maqsood were planning to do a combined Indo-Pak post too, like some nice neighbors-type cheez, but we couldn’t make it due to *insert reasons*. Still, here’s to sending good vibes and wishing for peace and franship.)

By the roaring waves!

Go Green!

Between the dead bodies of our brave heroes,

I heard deafening sobs and cries,

I saw girls running helter skelter,

To save their chastity from hands of vice!

I saw mothers screaming and children dying,

I saw blood-covered bodies lying,

I heard enemies shouting profanities,

As they stabbed knives into their bodies.



Azaadi Mubarak to all my dear Pakis:)

By the roaring waves!

Happy Independence Day!

This 14th August…lets do something special!!
Prove that you are NOT just a citizen who *lives*, but a citizen who *cares*!!!!
If you see any flag dropped on the floor, pick it up. Keep it somewhere above!
Participate whole-heartedly in Milli taranas and naghmey!!LOUDLY!
For once, try not criticizing Pakistan!!Praise it for all its beauty that you never gave time to thank for!!!
Please the people around you.
Don’t litter around! And promise never to do so.It only dirties your own Motherland!!!!
Wear green!!!!!!!!!!
Talk good.
Loveeeee Pakistaaaaaaaaaaaan!!
-Maria .