2014, Confusion~ a new dimension!, Poems and poetry

Paints and pictures

What color is death?
And what color are regrets?
How would you paint life
and how do you draw strife?

If death is black
life should be a glaring white
but if life is white
where do you find bright?

If moments like grey stones
hurled in a calming blue,
create ripples and regrets
what color do they finally set?

If life is a scenic beauty
where do miseries come from?
what colors do they make when
a hungry child murders men?

how do you define an odor,
like that of coal or incense?
how do you distil two paints,
those of sinners and saints?

Where do I mend my canvas
or a palette if it breaks?
what if all colors disappear
of fantasy, dreams, and fear?

Is confusion a diffusion
of black with white?
Is illusion the same
as reality set aflame?

If hope is a bright silver
and glittering desires gold,
what color are expectations
shattering without justification?

Pray tell if I find this out
what help will that be?
To all creation his own creator
and no color greater than He.

~ Randomly Abstract.