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Life of a Happy Girl*

If you’re happy** and you know it and you really want to share it with your family, brace yourselves for comments like:

“What’s the great news? Are you getting married? Already found someone?”

Haha. You really thought I was going to announce just that in front of the entire family?


“Bohat mubarak ho!! Allah tumharay naseeb achay karay.”

“Ohhh I’m so happy for you! *Insert jhappi* Allah tumhain bohat acha miya de.”

“Haye that’s so wonderful! May Allah give you more success in this life and Hereafter. And may you have a great husband/ married life.”

“I am so happy about your success! Also I was just saying to your uncle that may you get a spouse like —. Then your uncle said, why not a spouse even better than —. I said yes, may so be!”

OH, MY, ALLAH!!! I am looking for presents not husband atm!!

* in a desi aka (blunt stereotype but) obsessed-with-shadi society

*** not saying these are the only kind of responses cuz there’s an AMAZING variety but you get the point

By the roaring waves!

Shaadi Season!

Wedding season is just here and I congratulate anybody who is getting married in this month:D Including my dearest sister!!:) These two months; June and July are when most of the weddings are scheduled, at least in Pakistan..

SO I dedicate this one blog “shaadi season” to my sister <www.vibrabantmirage.wordpress.com>.♥

😀 LOL 😀

Now just 9 days are left and all the wedding preparations are in full swing!

  • Wedding hall booked.
  • Dinner menu decided.
  • Dresses ready!

Plus the most amazing part is that the entire family (cousins and aunts and uncles) are going for a picnic to a farmhouse a week before the occasion! I hope I will be able to blog in the upcoming days too….

And LOADS of Best Wishes!!!!