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The Importance of Sacrifice- and Eid Mubarak!

First of all, a very happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims out there, living in any part of the world! In all the nooks and corners, all cities and districts, all these big big and small small countries, have a blissful and meaty Eid! 😀

This Eid, specifically known as Eid-ul-Adha gives the soul message of  ‘sacrifice‘. And sacrifice in all ages of life is so drastically important! And not only is it important, it is really really difficult! Ever faced the taste of it? When you have to let go of your favorite belonging for someone you love very much? And if you don’t learn to sacrifice, life gets way harsh.

To sacrifice something for someone, only one thing helps:

That the someone is more important than the something!

And a lot of love!

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Respecting Religions: please read!

Hey all!

Today I feel the urge to write about an issue which holds importance for me, and which in my view, needs to be solved fast because it’s already too late.

I have experienced a lot of cases, where a person is harassing, embarrassing, and hurting other person. And why? Because he doesn’t like another person’s RELIGION!!


Is religion really something to fight about? I have my religion, you have yours. I will surely call you for accepting my religion, that is because I believe it is RIGHT. You too, have freedom to call people for your religion, and this freedom is blessed to you by your religion.

What I see:

1. There was a post on some website The purpose of which was to HELP find SOLUTIONS and not CREATE more problems.

The post was about religion where a Muslim girl had shared how she was losing her faith and needed strength, and needed comfort. (or perhaps by ANYONE who could HELP.) You know how she was helped? Her religion and her Prophet were insulted and the thread was used to comment stupid remarks about how intolerable some thought her religion was.

Of course this angered me, and it should annoy you too. That is, if you believe in peaceful coexistence.

And then, there is a page on facebook…I don’t feel like pasting it’s URL here, although I really wish I could show what it contained. It is created by a hindu who has made fun of the most sacred place of Muslims. Not only he, but a lot of people have had their say about it.

Burn Quran Day, Draw Muhammad (SAW) Day, these pages on facebook, these posts on, on all other sites: WHAT DO THEY SHOW?


No body is allowed to disgrace ANYONE.

Why are all these ‘International Celebrations’ targeting Islam?

Is peace ImpoSSible? And why Islam? Why on Earth do you think your only responsibility here is to uproot a religion and not find a way to live peacefully?


In fact, you should be tolerant of everybody’s religious beliefs. If you have questions or concerns, you should discuss it with a person, instead of judging or arguing and blaming the ENTIRE code.

Listen up people!
I am NOT a sin-free person. I am not angelic, and maybe I make more mistakes than you.
BUT I feel.
It does hurt you know. And let me say, Terrorism is the religion of Evil. And HUMANITY is THE best code of life.
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Eid Mubarak!

The blissful day of Eid is a blessing of God for all Muslims who fasted in the month of Ramadhan. This is the day for which everybody is excited,from toddlers to wrinkled – poor to rich!This is the day when all discrimination, all woes and worries and enmities are forgotten and all hearts sing merrily-the praise of Almighty!

Today Eid-ul-fitr is being celebrated with full swing in all Muslim countries!The beatitude and euphoria makes each heart happy. Hugs and caresses are spread to deliver the message of love! The night before Eid, popularly known as Chand Raat is the night when Almighty judges our deeds and blesses people who fasted during Ramadhan! On this night,there is a huge traffic in shops where women tend to buy elegant dresses,fragnant perfumes and appealing jewellery!

My Eid day started early in the morning when every nook and corner of the house was cleaned and decorated. Then new dresses were worn, with matching accessories. And then, some guests arrived with whom we enjoyed pretty much!Afterwards we went to our neighbours to wish them the blissful day (and receive eidi!!).Later I will go to  my grandmother’s house and I hope I will enjoy alot there!

Alot of more festivities and enjoyments are hoped for the upcoming hours..


~Stay blessed~

p.s. I did copy most of the part from my Eid blog of last year, but you know, Eids are more or less, always same!

By the roaring waves!

Hiding your identity?

Ask yourself this one simple question…

Are you afraid of the people around you?

Are you hiding your true identity, or does it feel shameful to tell you group of friends who you are?

Are you proud of your religion or do you take it simply?

Are you afraid of accepting what you really are?

Life comes just once. Spend it the way you like. Stop being someone. Be yourself. Hear your call. Say what you like. Listen to that something which keeps on telling you to be yourself, and each time you ignore it with that ‘ i am scared’ reply..

Love yourself.