2016, Little Things

Sauces. #3

It’s so much more but it’s also nothing.


You weren’t the skin you were wearing. You were me, myself.


We sat there at a distance, both missing each other. We could’ve just turned to face one another and talk. We could’ve just talked.


Would we still put people on ventilators if we weren’t emotional?


If you notice, you will see what the universe does. For example, it can bring to the outer world what you have inside. It’s so much more but it’s also nothing. Sometimes it’s nothing. Maybe, eventually, it won’t even be that.

Sauces. #1

Sauces. #2

2016, Paintings and Scribblings

soft fumes/peace

A lot of peace. So much of peace.

When nothingness spreads. Takes over and fills in the empty corners inside
Cleanses nooks and corners of your body so your soul can feel holy there. Like it’s in a temple.

A sleep that isn’t your casual escape route. Where dreams don’t push each other like cars chasing in a traffic jam or kid’s throwing blocks in a basket. There’s no hurry and there is no chaos. No tiredness, just serenity. A relaxed mind. A relaxed reality.

No sharp red. No bright sun. Not the scary kind of dark. Not the scary kind of silent. The fear-free, worry-free zone. Nothing artificial nor too temporary. Nothing else. Just peace. The real, real kind of peace. (The one you write about when you want to feel a bit. Not the one we read to read.)