By the roaring waves!

Back to Life:)

Hey people!!

My exams have finally ended and I have come back to life!! 🙂

The last ones were the toughest!! Maths, Phy-sick-s and Chem. But done with them now. actually the problem was, we had very little gap between each paper, which made it so difficult to cope up with. Thanks to the examiners.

Now that I am done with them, I will go at my cousin’s today for a night stay, tomorrow at a friend’s wedding, and then later God knows where! My sister’s wedding is coming up too, InshaAllah by the end of June, so I will have some events to enjoy!! =)

What else? I am planning to start a story and post it here on WP. but I am so not sure if I am doing that.

Lastly, I found this cool site and you might just like it as well:

Ciao! Goodbye.

By the roaring waves!

Up for College!

Rubik's Cube

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My first day at a new college!

Had a most tiring as well as exciting day!

Was too afraid to enter those new corridors, see those new faces, and challenges…However, took guidance of a ‘proctor’ and climbed some stairs to the top, only to find out that I had been climbing the wrong stairs!

Got down again, looked up for another ‘good’ proctor, found another way, and found my class too.


Maths sir was already teaching, but I got his points soon, because of a new friend with a very unique name, who helped me out:)

And then, chemistry and physics.

Oh and yes, after that, I BUNKED a class: NOT-KNOWINGLY!!(as in, seriously!)

After that, we got free periods, in which I, along with my other friends rampaged through the college and found out a lot of interesting places! From the Zoology department to the Home-economics section and Braille Room…

All in all, my first day went Crazily good, and I hope for the very best in the upcoming days!