By the roaring waves!

Tomorrow: School Reunion!

I am way excited for the school reunion tomorrow evening! It’s the one annual function that I awaited since so long! Actually, it is our Eid party as well as our Re-union from our school so that makes it twice more fun than usual reunion parties!

This is my second reunion after I left school, but last time I couldn’t manage going.. This time I am all ready already!! 🙂

Only today while I was chatting with a friend and she read me some chit-chats we used to have in our classroom during boring lectures! It was about a new Physics teacher who was starting from the baby-steps which was annoying at that time as we knew that stuff already! (But trust me- later she became one of my most favorite ones!).. So my friend had saved that piece of paper and then we had a good old-days-reminiscing time!

The nicest memories of your past are the finest collection you have got!

Memories like black and white of our lives!