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Candle Life~

Today I am up with my own philosophy and I really know what  a piece of junk it is, but I still want you to give it a read!

Candle life is a way of spending your life. You must have heard that a candle burns itself to give light to others, but nay, that’s not what I am talking about! Read this:

Yesterday when the lights went off (thanks to load-shedding to help me get a post idea ) and unfortunately, the power generator didn’t work too, we had to have a candle-light dinner! 😀

At some point of the story, a candle was about to fall on the table-cloth. I, startled by the sudden scene, took a step backwards with a little scream. But my father took  a step forward and saved the candle from falling, and also us from any possible mishap. Well, this gave food to my thought: There are two stories in everybody’s world. If the candle is about to fall from where it stands, you would take a sudden step backwards by fear of fire. However, if you know at the moment how dangerous would stepping back be, you would immediately leap towards it and stick it to the holder again!”

Not over yet. “If a sudden mishap occurs to your life, or is about to occur in your life, some will be fear-stricken and will take a step back. Or they could even freeze at the moment. But the point is, if you don’t get over it fast, or don’t act responsively and responsibly, it could create a greater mishap. A bigger tragedy. So well, learn to see what happens, breathe it in, live it. Move on. ”

Those who let go of fears and their personal ‘if-and-what-if’s, get to handle the situations better.