2017, Poems and poetry

all our issues and one

When I should be elsewhere
Inside Dreams,
I lay awake instead, and
Assemble a questionnaire in my mind:
Everything that I have now yearned too long to ask you, I would;
“This is going to be a very, very honest conversation,” I will say.
It’s our final friendly law.
A sudden surge of happiness like a reflection of seven colors on my sooted heart—
If you call me again I might at least find my name
And as we’re talking, I will ask— no harsh feelings, hey!— but why did you think it was okay to do what you did?
How many others have you scarred the same way?
Alas! In the back of my mind the colors shift
A curtain closes
Rubbing the drama away in one swift move:
How will I know if you won’t still be lying?

2015, Poems and poetry

Of distances and voids.



Last time when you came,
asking me if ’twas okay
smilingly, I had lied
tis alright!

Let me tell you now
every time you come and go,
tis not alright!
today I miss you as I do
every single day and night!
remember that.


Do you know what’s the most a person can give you?– His trust.
It is when he tells you about his little joys and simpler things that matter;
Simple sorrows, acts, and fears that him do shatter
That you know he is trying, and it’s not so easy
Unfurling his soul he could slowly be dying, you see.

Really, read him not a dream now if you dare not make it
Bear in mind: The cruelest way to kill is to fake it.
Especially so, when he hopes you could mend holes in his soul
Destroy him not. Leave if you may, but let it be when he is whole.


I trusted you with
I told you things which
Should have otherwise been
You fed me lies. Failing me
Once, and twice, and then
Uncountable times.

Today’s poetry prompt is ‘trust’. These three that you read above are not really linked, but they follow the same theme. They also follow the acrostic form, in which the first letters of each verse (as highlighted) together make unique words.

This one was quite challenging for me, and though this isn’t my best, I have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting. 🙂


Image via chrisspagani.com.

By the roaring waves!
Author: Bagande

Author: Bagande

Satisfaction is the highest level of happiness, and it is easily attained, when you have NO expectations….!

No expectations?? That is stop believing in attaining something in your way from anyone who is a part of your tomorrow? Is that what you mean? Well, I don’t think anybody can stop believing or stop expecting.

Come on! Life goes on with expectations. Expectations is the other name for hope. And if someone stops hoping for good, no good will ever occur in their life. Because

hope is the light of life.

hope is the beginning of day.

 hope is the source of enlightenment.

And you are telling me to forget expecting?


You are so right.

Everybody has expectations. When expectations are crushed, people get hurt. but after recovering, they trust somebody else. Once they trust someone, or love someone, they expect to be loved back. And if this does not happen, they break again.

Only countably few people on earth have no expectations from the world around them. They don’t simply care what people do to them. They don’t care if they face harsh words in return of their love. They feel it acceptable to be forgotten. And those few people achieve SATISFACTION!

Expectations or no Expectations??