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Auspicious Events~

-the beautiful stage at my cousin’s valima♥

Yesterday was the valima of one of my first-cousins and it was SO cool! I loved the stage and the wedding-hall of course! The gorgeous, golden, spacious hall and the amazing light effects on the stage were beautiful!

Valima is the ceremony after wedding reception and it is from the bridegroom’s side. So it was our event basically as I was from the bridegroom’s side;)

Loved each moment as it made place in memories!

By the roaring waves!

Shaadi Season!

Wedding season is just here and I congratulate anybody who is getting married in this month:D Including my dearest sister!!:) These two months; June and July are when most of the weddings are scheduled, at least in Pakistan..

SO I dedicate this one blog “shaadi season” to my sister <>.♥

😀 LOL 😀

Now just 9 days are left and all the wedding preparations are in full swing!

  • Wedding hall booked.
  • Dinner menu decided.
  • Dresses ready!

Plus the most amazing part is that the entire family (cousins and aunts and uncles) are going for a picnic to a farmhouse a week before the occasion! I hope I will be able to blog in the upcoming days too….

And LOADS of Best Wishes!!!!