2013, By the roaring waves!

Q: Which city would you like to visit and why?

If I could visit any city in the world which city would I pick and why?

That’s the most appropriate question for today I guess, because I’ve been reading ‘Honeymoon in Purdah‘ by Alison Wearing, and I so want to visit some city in Iran! This book is a travelogue, a journey through Iran in purdah.

If I ever visit Iran, I’d LOVE to visit all those cool places, and meet those nice people as the story suggests.

Plus there’s Venice. Gorgeous name, stunningly beautiful city. They use boats for transportation, what else could be more special?! And Turkey! And Maldives! And Islamabad, Multan, Lahore. 😉 God, I’ll go on a world tour someday.

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