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She held his little shirt in her hands for hours. Sometimes she would put it to her eyes, as if its warmth could soothe those burning coals. Then she would rub it across her face, inhaling its scent again and again, even though it was now stale red:  of dried blood. Most of the time she would just hug it, in grave silence or passionate tears, so she could maybe feel him there. And only if she could feel him again, hold his body, swear to God she would never leave! —God knows this. But he still called him up.


By the roaring waves!
Author: Bagande

Author: Bagande

Satisfaction is the highest level of happiness, and it is easily attained, when you have NO expectations….!

No expectations?? That is stop believing in attaining something in your way from anyone who is a part of your tomorrow? Is that what you mean? Well, I don’t think anybody can stop believing or stop expecting.

Come on! Life goes on with expectations. Expectations is the other name for hope. And if someone stops hoping for good, no good will ever occur in their life. Because

hope is the light of life.

hope is the beginning of day.

 hope is the source of enlightenment.

And you are telling me to forget expecting?


You are so right.

Everybody has expectations. When expectations are crushed, people get hurt. but after recovering, they trust somebody else. Once they trust someone, or love someone, they expect to be loved back. And if this does not happen, they break again.

Only countably few people on earth have no expectations from the world around them. They don’t simply care what people do to them. They don’t care if they face harsh words in return of their love. They feel it acceptable to be forgotten. And those few people achieve SATISFACTION!

Expectations or no Expectations??

By the roaring waves!

APROPOS to my own post of October 27, 2011: “SADNESS TRACKS HAPPINESS”


In this post I wrote my view that sadness tracks happiness. And that whenever one is REALLY REALLY excited, there has to be something bad. Now I know its just our own negative thinking. The way we think, is the way it happens!

This time too, i will share something that happened with me:

Two days ago, I went with my mother to buy a dress for my sister’s upcoming ceremony :)). Well, I was bought THE most beautiful dress, something I was willing for! Its a long frock-style dress of elegant colors..! Well, when I returned home I was pretty excited and showed it happily to the rest of my family! It has nothing to do with hat happened later, I just wanted to tell how happy I was. So you get it, right?

The next day in the morning, I found a guest in our home. I ran to met her andin the kitchen, and on my way back, I bumped into a wooden furniture (We call it takhat. Its like a traditional bed/sofa). It brought such extreme pain that I hurriedly sat on the lounge’s carpet and called my mother. Until then, I had hidden my leg with my own hands.. When I removed them from there, I was horrified to see blood streaming out of there! It was dripping on the carpet and on my clothes, and then of course tears started rolling down my cheeks! 😉 Then that guest and my mom helped me to the bed, cleaned that area with a medicine (its called antiseptic, right?) and then my parents took me to a hospital where my injured finger was bandaged, and I was given proper first aid…..

So there, after it was all over I realized that its true that there is a hardship after ease, and an ease after hardship. Even the Quran says it. BUT there ain’t happiness after sadness, and sadness after happiness. Both the things account for differences. Hardships are sent to you for your grooming, for your treatment, and for the realization of so many things you failed to understand before. If there ahd been no hardships, there had been no life.


This is my 100th post. I would love to know your suggestions for my blogs. Without you, I am nothing:)

Plus I wont be able to blog more till 24th or 25th because my exams will be going on! So I need your good-luck wishes!:)

With Loads of Love,



My 100th post: Sadness does not track Happiness!